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Why has the Framework been developed?

The Framework for Mental Health in Multicultural Australia: Towards culturally inclusive service delivery (The Framework) has been developed to help organisations and individual workers to:

  • Evaluate their cultural responsiveness 
  • Enhance their delivery of services for CALD communities.

The Framework is mapped against current practice, policies and plans. Its implementation will not only assist services to fulfil their existing safety, quality and accreditation requirements, but also offers an ongoing process of assessment and development.

The Framework has three integrated components:

The Framework consists of three integrated components:
1. Organisational Cultural
Assessment Scale

The OCRAS is based on the National Cultural Competency Tool (NCCT) for Mental Health Services (2010) which includes eight cultural competency standards. The OCRAS assessment scores are used to guide organisations through the development of an individually tailored action plan.

2. Implementation

The action-oriented implementation guides consist of four key outcome areas with associated indicators and strategies to help organisations identify what they can do to enhance their cultural responsiveness. The outcome indicators have been developed for both organisations and individual workers and are ranked at three levels of achievement.

3. Resources and information

Resources and information to assist organisations and individual workers to build their knowledge and skills in the provision of services for culturally and linguistically diverse consumers, carers and communities. These resources include best practice examples, five key concept sheets, a knowledge exchange centre and links to useful policy documents and websites.

Resources include:
Key concept sheets
Implementation Guides
Knowledge exchange
Current Mental Health Policies, Plans and Standards 

Introductory guide

This guide provides an introduction to the Framework.

Framework for Mental Health in Multicultural Australia Introductory guide