Symposium 2013

MHiMA held its inaugural symposium on Wednesday, 6th November 2013 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

People from across Australia - consumer and carer advocates, government representatives, leaders from mental health and multicultural organisations and transcultural mental health centres and networks - came together to hear MHiMA project, executive, reference and working group members talk about MHiMA's work so far and discuss the future directions MHiMA should take.

Watch a video that summarises the key themes and ideas discussed on the day


View presentations on consumer and carer representation and participation 

View presentations and discussions on service innovation, education and research

Roundtable discussion; Amy Baker and Judith Ventic discuss consumer and carer participation

Many issues were covered, all with a focus on mental health and suicide prevention for immigrants, refugees, their families and communities: 

  • consumer, carer and community participation;
  • enhancing help-seeking by overcoming stigma;
  • collaborating with mainstream mental health service organisations;
  • working with communities, agencies and networks to improve cultural responsiveness and adopt a new cultural diversity framework; 
  • identifying research priorities and addressing barriers to research and evaluation;
  • creating new community suicide prevention resources;
  • enhancing learning opportunities for mental health practitioners; and 
  • developing a workforce strategy.

And many helpful comments and suggestions were also offered. The importance of empowering communities and forming collaborative partnerships within and across sectors, actively sharing knowledge and stories and staying focused on improving real outcomes for immigrant and refugee communities were among the strong themes that emerged during the day.  

Discussion points; Erminia Colucci on research