Mental Health in Multicultural Australia (MHiMA) has formed partnerships a number of organisations. More information on our work with other partners is coming soon.



beyondblue is "an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma".  

To date, beyondblue and MHiMA have worked together on:

Perinatal mental health: Between September 2012 and April 2013, MHiMA conducted a literature review, convened a national expert panel and wrote a resource for health practitioners to assist them in working with CALD women and their families impacted by mental ill health in the perinatal period. Designed to supplement clinical guidelines and other practice information, the resource, Perinatal mental health of women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds: A guide for primary care health professionals can be downloaded from the beyondblue website and from MHiMA's knowledge exchange collection. Hard copies can be ordered via the beyondblue website. For more background information about the resource, read the news in-depth article in MHiMA's e-newsletter June 2013, Issue 02. 

Community engagement: MHiMA has completed a literature review and convened an online forum in April-May 2013 that invited discussion from mental health and mulitcultural sectors about effective ways to engage diverse communities in initiatives related to fostering mental health and responding to ill-health. Themes and findings are currently being analysed and will form part of a joint statement due to be released by both organisations in mid 2013. 

Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN)

 The Mental Heatlh Professionals Network (MHPN) is a federally-funded initiative that supports and promotes interdisciplinary practice and collaborative care between practitioners working in primary mental health care. It does this through two core programmes: MHPN networks and the Online professional development programme. Networks provide a forum for practitioners to connect, build relationships, provide peer support and improve referral pathways.

MHiMA and MHPN are working together to develop networks that draw together practitioners with a shared interest in multicultural mental health. For more information also see networks and latest news.     


Funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing under the National Suicide Prevention Program, the Mindframe National Media Initiative "aims to encourage responsible, accurate and sensitive representation of mental illness and suicide in the Australian mass media" by

'building a collaborative relationship with the media and other sectors". It is managed by the Hunter Institute of Mental Health.  

MHiMA has joined Mindrames' national communication's managers reference group and will undertake media training with Mindframe in July 2013. The organisations are planning to work together to engage with community and ethnic media organisations around mental health and suicide prevention.