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View three short videos from online courses developed by Victorian Transcultural Mental Health. Follow Samira's experience following the birth of her child, Mehmet's encounter with a mental health team and the insights of a mental health service administrator. 



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MHiMA is compiling a list of programs and courses that explore the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed when working with individuals and families from immigrant and refugee backgrounds who may be experiencing emotional problems or mental ill-health.  MHiMA aims to provide direct-care health and community practitioners, agency leaders, consumer, carer and community advocates with up-to-date information about learning opportunities within the multicultural mental health sector. 

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Find out what's available across Australia by browsing the list below. Select a state or territory or search by program using any part of the program title or provider name. Specific enquiries about programs should be directed to the relevant education provider. More information will be added in coming months...

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