Project objectives

The Mental Health in Multicultural Australia project (MHiMA) aims to build capacity across multicultural mental health and suicide prevention sectors by strategic alignment with national initiatives and engaging with each of the state and territory.

The MHiMA project is seeking to :

  • Promote better mental health promotion, ill health prevention and early intervention, including suicide prevention for individuals and families from immigrant and refugee backgrounds; 
  • Support primary care professionals, including general practitioners and allied health service providers;
  • Assist state and territory mental health services to better respond to CALD populations;
  • Support social inclusion for people of CALD background living with mental health problems; and
  • Contribute to government policy discussions related to mental health of Australia's CALD population.

Target groups for the project include:

  • People from immigrant and refugee backgrounds impacted by mental ill health;
  • Their carers, families and communities;
  • Groups vulnerable to mental ill health including newly arrived individuals and their families, young people of first, second and subsequent generations of migrants, and older people;
  • Ethnic, multicultural and faith-based communities and organisations;
  • Primary health care professionals; and
  • State and territory provided public mental health services.